I didn't want to just survive! I wanted to thrive!!

...a few of my favourite things


Isn't a green juice all the rage?! but it's so much harder to do everyday, with the pressures of the daily routine, kids, school, lunch boxes, shopping...the list goes on. But when I juice...I thrive. 

When I think about starting juicing regularly (a few times a week) I think it will be hard to do that....but then I remember that I feel soooo good when I do.  The gentle balance between survive and thrive...

it's like a dance! choose to thrive.

Thriving over surviving


Out of a place of deep longing to thrive, over survive, this page, business and way of living has come about.  Many people that stumble across this page will understand.  You'll already be making decisions that are eco-conscious, mindful of this beautiful earth we live on, and our job as custodians. And cautious of what goes in your body.

Do you see this guava plant from my front yard? Well, it's leaves aren't perfect, and it has to deal with my children harrassing it, birds attacking it, cyclonic winds, and central queensland heat....yet doesn't she look glorious? (and yes, a bit like 3 big nipples!) 

Green, full of life, sweet, and a little weathered, I'm trying to live thriving like my guavas!! and that means some days I'll only just survive. 

Live With Passion & Purpose


My handsome hairy man and I thrive somedays, survive others, and well, we can't talk about the rest! 

If you're having it tough in your marriage or relationship, hey, I want to tell you, it's not for the faint at heart, but man, if you can find your centre of love, (ours is connected with our faith) hold on tight for after the storm the calm will come!!  

It's tough going some days, and other days make you so more in love with each other. Sometimes confusing, sometimes amazing, sometimes, meh!  I hope you are thriving more than just surviving dear friends. 

If you need help or are in an abusive relationship please refer to the links on this page click here

A little bit about us: Q & A with the team


How do you start your day?

starting my day with warm lemon water....and of course then followed by my hairy husbands designer coffee - makes everything start well.


What's your favourite excercise?

Spontaneous! 3 examples jump to mind:

1. We put a record on and the whole family, hairy husband included, dance feverishly around like disco teeny boppers with no cares!  (Yes! we still have records in our house - it does us no good for trying to be minimalists!)

2. (as in this picture to the right) - a spontaneous amble through a new town, discovering people and places from another world, you could never have planned to meet if you tried.  

And 3. vacuum cleaning! Get your house clean, and your sweat on simultaneously! Winning!


How does faith work in your life?

It's what has kept me together, when the last straws I'm clutching at have gone. My belief is that Jesus loves me, the creator of the universe cares for me (and every soul) and just connecting with that great big love, and having faith in that, carries me, and changes my course for the hour, day, minute, second ...enough to keep on keeping on.